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—Retrace XLVI: Persona

Ada Vessalius (エイダ=ベザリウス, Eida Bezariusu) was a character from Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts. Oz Vessalius's younger sister and friend of Gilbert Nightray, she attended Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony at eight years old, though she would not bear witness to her elder brother's disappearance. Over the ten years since her brother's exile into Abyss, Ada maintained her friendship with Gilbert. At age eighteen, during her last year at prestigious Lutwidge Academy, Ada fell in love.

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Ada was a normal human girl born to parents Xai and Rachel (née Cecile) Vessalius, seven years after Oz's legal birth. Shortly after Ada's birth, Rachel died in an accident. Xai grew distant from his children, leaving them to be raised by his younger brother Oscar. When Ada was three, an amnesiac boy named Gilbert was found on her family's estate, taken in to serve as her brother's personal attendant. Her life would continue uneventfully until age eight, when Oz disappeared into Abyss. Though Ada wished to know the circumstances of her brother's disappearance, she was kept in the dark by the adults around her, even as Gilbert abandoned her family and joined their political rival, Nightray. In hopes of finding some way of rescuing her brother, Ada began to research the occult. While she found no information relevant to her brother, Ada developed an intense personal interest in her studies, despite their being inappropriate for a woman in high society. At around age seventeen, in a meeting with Gilbert, she learned of his younger brother, Vincent. She and Vincent met at some point later, and Ada eventually developed romantic feelings for him.


True to her genetics, Ada has long flowing golden-blonde hair that drapes over the tops of her shoulders and dazzling emerald green eyes. As a child prior to Oz's drop into the Abyss, Ada wore

A mugshot of little Ada

a dainty pink dress with a slightly frilled three-button collar, two small bows tied in the center at the front and leading down to bell-shaped sleeves. Over the top of her dress, Ada would also wear a small green coat hemmed with frilled arrangements and gold outlining, which covered only as much as half of Ada's upper arms before her dress sleeves poked through.

Since Oz's drop into the Abyss, Ada has been attending Lutwidge Academy, and so she most often wears the minatory uniform that all female students have to wear: a white undershirt, a black vest adorned with a bow, a white overcoat, a short white skirt, white leggings, and black shoes. However, whenever she's on break from Lutwidge, Ada takes to wearing a pale green colored dress adorned with a bow and that has a stripe pattern along the center at the front of the dress going as far as Ada's waist and appears to be duplicated on the sleeves of the dress. The dress also appears to be tied around Ada's waist with a bow, flowing down off of her rather elegantly.


Most often, Ada appears to be rather fragile by nature and devotes her time to those she cares about most: her friendship and familiars. Ada treasures her family above all else, especially Oz, who she'd always looked up to while growing up as her elder brother; even taking up the occult in order to try and unearth a means of saving Oz after he'd been dropped into the Abyss. Though she was relieved when Oz escaped the Abyss, Ada's period of reprieve seemed rather short lived as mere months later she learned that Oz wasn't, in fact, her true brother. Even so, Ada refused to deny Oz as her brother, not caring about what Oz really is because he's still her brother as far as she's concerned, showing how pure Ada's relationship is with those she considers to be family.

Ada has since been dating Vincent Nightray, growing to love and accept him for who he is no matter what happens; as shown when she still attempts to protect Vincent during Isla Yura's Feast after he'd pushed her away in fear. Over time, Ada's connection to Vincent has been the source of her growing strength, as she eventually stood strong against Noise when she continuously attempted to kill her in order to make a point to Vincent. Afterward, Ada even approached Vincent and Demios the Executioner when Vincent's mind started to collapse; braving Demios' attacks and even attempt at decapitating Ada just so that she could console Vincent and show him that he had a reason to continue living. In short, Ada's loving and caring personality has shown those around the light that they required to keep fighting for what's right, and with them, Ada has grown into a strong and confident young woman.

Powers & Abilities

  • Knowledge of the arcane and the occult:
  • Sword fighting skills
  • Playing piano


  • "Hey, big brother. What's the Abyss?"
  • "It's been ten years since then. My face... it doesn't resemble much to how I used to look like... If... if the brother were to say 'This isn't Ada'... if I'm not recognized..."
  • In my memory Onii-Chan is so tall and mighty... and is very gentle... and far more handsome than anyone else...! But...But I...think the current Onii-Chan is better...Even though the height is shorter compared to my memories... If Onii-Chan can be by my side...If I can touch you...can talk to you... can be withyou...! I missed you so much Onii-Chan!
  • "It's okay... There's nothing to be afraid of... Because I... Will always is by your side! (To Vincent Nightray)
  • "You think he was an idiot? He was just... Trying to protect his family!" (To Xai Vessalius)
  • "He was smiling, wasn't he? I'm sure he died with a smile on his lips."
  • "'Stay away from the Nightray family. They are subtle and cowardly.' I would hear those words again and again when I was a child. I also heard rumors that the Nightrays murdered my mother. But I didn't buy any of it. Because in society, everyone lies to serve their own ends."
  • "Not knowing everything about someone is not a sin!"
  • "What is really wicked... is judging people without even trying to get to know them!"
  • "What's the problem... to be different? Even if Vincent-sama is a Baskerville, as you say, even if he is completely different from me, it doesn't matter. I don't care if we're different! And if he really is that different, that's just one more reason to try to understand him!"
  • "Just as everyone said, he seems very kind. But, for some reason... I could see, the sadness hiding behind that smile. I wanted to know the reason behind that sadness. I wanted to know more and more about him."


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Ada's name most likely derives from a character Alice mentioned in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Ada. Her interest in the occult, however, seems to stem from Lewis Carroll's own personality; as he was a devout Christian with an interest in the occult and extrasensory perception.
  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.