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13octopus 13octopus 21 April

To-Do List

Since I am an official bureaucrat and administrator as of April 21st, 2021, I figured it would be best to make a formal To-Do List consisting of my desired projects and intentions for the wiki as a whole. This To-Do List is to serve multiple functions: first and foremost, it is for personal organization- but also, it is a means of transparency for both my co-bureaucrat and for the editor population of this wiki as a whole. Some of these listed items are my intended projects as a normal editor- ones which don't require special permissions or abilities to carry out. Those will be listed first. Yet other projects will require additional permissions and have a greater impact on the wiki as a whole, which will be listed separately as Administrat…

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ConsumerOfAwesome ConsumerOfAwesome 18 April

To-Do List + Link Refs

  • Common.js
  • PH Character Infobox Template
  • VnC Character Infobox Template
  • Pages linking to old spoiler template
  • Category:Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls

Feel free to do the stuff on my to-do list yourself. I'm not staking claim on these tasks. Do let me know when they're done if you go ahead with that though, so I can mark them off.

  • Replace spoiler notice template on PH and VnC articles


  • Chap1 x
  • Chap2 x
  • Chap3 x
  • Chap4 x
  • Chap5 x
  • Chap6 x
  • Chap7 x
  • Chap8 x
  • Chap9 x
  • Chap10 x
  • Chap11 x
  • Chap12 x
  • Chapter 13 x
  • Chapter 14 x
  • Chapter 15 x
  • Chapter 16 x
  • Chapter 17 x
  • Chapter 18 x
  • Chapter 19 x
  • Chapter 20
  • Chapter 21 x
  • ...
  • Chap33
  • ...
  • Chapter 78 x
  • ...
  • Chapter 88 x
  • Chapter 89
  • Chapter 90
  • Chapter 91
  • Chapter 92
  • Chapter 93
  • Chapter 94
  • Chapter 95
  • Chapter 96
  • Chapter 97
  • Chapter 98
  • Chapter 99
  • Chapter 100
  • Chapter 101
  • Ch…

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13octopus 13octopus 14 April

Guidelines for Vanitas References

Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas is set in an alternate universe version of nineteenth century France, and thus contains reference to a number of real-life historical events, persons, and cultural fixtures. In addition, the story makes frequent reference to European and Christian mythology, and, in particular, influential works of vampire fiction as part of Jun Mochizuki's stylistic tradition of making reference to others' stories in her own work.

This blog post exists to serve as guidelines for editing the List of Historical, Mythological, and Artistic References in "The Case Study of Vanitas" page, for purposes of quality assurance. Functionally, it is a style guide and a set of rules for editing one single page. It will be updat…

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13octopus 13octopus 8 April

Assorted Vincent Meta

Vincent Nightray is one of my favorite characters ever. My interpretation of him irrevocably conflicts with that of nearly everyone else I have seen, even among those who like him. I've written a lot of meta on him. This is a collection of it. In summary: I truly, genuinely believe that Vincent Nightray was one of the most kind, selfless, and moral characters in Pandora Hearts. I also don't find him attractive in the slightest. If you are interested in my personal interpretation of him, see this blog post.

Note that NONE of this blog entry is to be used as justification for any information present on the Wiki, except perhaps in case of proof of concept. Most of what's written here has been uploaded to other sites before, but this will be the …

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13octopus 13octopus 3 April

On Noise's Gender

This is a blog post created in order to explain the controversy surrounding Noise's gender expression/identity, taking solely from what exists in canon. Substantial misinformation exists regarding Noise's gender within the Japanese text, leading to editing controversies and disagreements. I am writing this post as a Japanese speaker and a nonbinary person. For the duration of this blog post, I will be referring to Noise with they/them pronouns for clarity and impartiality. These are not the pronouns I normally use for Noise, nor do I believe they are necessarily Noise's "correct" pronouns. The usage of gender-neutral language is Noise is for the sole purpose of this blog post. I will be going into how pronouns work in Japanese, and what it me…

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Eliounidentified Eliounidentified 22 June 2020

New terminology page for superstitions and myths?

Like the title says, I'm wondering if I should or should not create a page for the Vanitas no Carte section of this wiki titled "superstitions and myths". Chapter 46 has revealed that vampires in the universe are extremely fearful of twins, and any other myths or legends (like Teacher bringing tarte tatin to Altus) could go into this section. I don't want to just make an article titled "twins" (and they do not fit the "children of ill omen" category since they're not children of ill omen, I don't think)... What do you think?

In addition I'd be interested in splitting the "list of noble hierarchies" page into two, creating a separate page for VnC hierarchies. Any thoughts or opinions?

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Eliounidentified Eliounidentified 24 May 2020

Year of Birth on the VnC Character Pages

Hey gang, can we take down or edit the years of birth on the VnC character pages? We know that VnC takes place in the spring of 1889, but we can't be sure whether the characters' birthdays are in the winter/ early spring or summer/ fall/ early winter, which means we can't be sure of a character's birth year until we know the month/ day they were born. 

For example, Noé could have been born in February 1870, making him 19 during VnC, or he could have been born in November 1869, also making him 19 during VnC. I don't want to take down all of the birth years without making sure this is okay though-- so can I edit the birth years to reflect this ( "Born 1870" -> "Born 1869-1870" for Noé, etc)? 

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MoonlightSumire MoonlightSumire 23 February 2020

Thought on Lily

Hello everybody, this is my first blog post in this fandom, and I actually have no idea how to write blogs so there may be a lot of formatting mistakes :) Although as I see it, nobody makes blog posts anymore, which is reasonable since Pandora Hearts ended years ago, but I'm the weird one who only discover things years after it's release XD

Anyhow, today I want to talk about Lily

To me, it seems like the fandom’s opinion towards Lily is ‘Don’t mind, don’t bother’, it seems nobody really likes or dislike her, which is understandable, but I disagree. Lily is actually my second favourite character. So, after I reread the Second Coming of Age Ceremony arc and the two chapters where Break died, I noticed something about Lily. 

I don’t think Lily …

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Arequiem Arequiem 29 July 2019

To Do List

Will fill out more. 

So far:

Fill in about chapters 35-38.5. No content exists.

Update Chloe, Jean-Jacques, Loki Oriflamme, etc. with History, Appearance, Personality, Relationships

Update Roland & Olivier with information, weapon name, update Jeanne

Fill in more of Volume 6

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Arequiem Arequiem 25 October 2018

Admin/Bureaucrat Rights and Plans for the Wiki

Hey guys!

Since this wiki has very little sustained editing, I would like to try to receive administrator rights to fix up more of the wiki pages, defend against vandalism, etc. as much as possible. I've tried to edit as much as my schedule will allow and spruce up content pages. I would like to come to a community consensus regarding this idea.

If I received administrator or bureaucrat rights, I could also work to revitalize some of the admin community on here and host promotions, as right now, all of the admins on this wiki are inactive. 

Below, you can comment your thoughts.

Thank you.

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Chairom Chairom 11 October 2017

To-Do List

Pandora Hearts

  • fix info boxes w/multiple images (currently, only the initial image can be accessed)


  • fix links to chapters on all pages Completed; now needs double-checking for correct links
  • decide on uniform convention for referring to chapters
  • add volumes Completed
  • fix deadlinks
    • Status: finished fixing links to chapter pages
    • Problem: redlinks removed from edited pages still show up in Wanted pages section
  • update character images on List of Characters page with better/higher quality images
    • Status: In Progress
  • update character info boxes w/appropriate categories & info


  • make Crimson-Shell & Vanitas more accessible
  • Move Oz from Chains to Vessalius?

  • replace vol. 3 cover w/English version; check/verify chapters/omake/pg count, etc.

  • add references to …

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Lanithyaz Lanithyaz 12 June 2017

Can someone help...?

As you can see recently, there is available new features about Pandora Hearts anime : 'Episodes Gallery'. Actually I just want to named it just as 'Gallery', but at that day, I mistakenly wrote it as 'Episodes Gallery'.

You can see that page as a page which contain a gallery about a episode. I do my best in complete this new feature, it's also my own project to Pandora Hearts anime series. Recently the gallery for Pandora Hearts episode 01, 02, 16 and 21 was finished and completed. Also about Pandora Hearts Special Episode 7, which I linked to the Holy Knight page. I had to complete the episode gallery for episode 22 and 23, but I got a problem in an episode. Aside that, there is jerk connection error problem... Plus, it was very difficult …

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Lanithyaz Lanithyaz 11 August 2016

Please Check My Grammar and Comment!

After my some spelling mistakes in this place, now I want you all to check my grammar... Is my grammar enough good or less? Please read my story which I wrote below for example :

There was a woman colleger named Avi. Her father bought her a cat for her 21th birthday a months ago. Avi very cared with her new cat. One day, her older brother, Tama, visited her and wanted to eat together in someplace with her. But before he say his will, Avi asked him to buy the lunch at a stall, among others : "Brother, please buy 3 packs of cat-rice (nasi kucing, a type of cuisine in Indonesia which popular among the colleger), lontong sayur and many fried-catfish for our lunch."

Avi gave Tama some moneys and denied Tama's confused face. "Buy at Kang Nana's st…

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Lanithyaz Lanithyaz 18 July 2016

Just a test

Hello everybody...

I write this little note just for a test...

I must continue to improve my English skill... So I'm sorry if sometimes I doing grammatical error or spelling mistakes...

I shall to add more cool pic for this Pandora Hearts Wiki, especially from anime series!

And I hope The Case Study of Vanitas will be an anime... with complete canon story based on the manga... Of course...

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Unbelievablestone254 Unbelievablestone254 30 April 2016


Just picked up Volume 2 of Pandora Hearts today!​​​

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 22 March 2016

The Case Study of Vanitas - Predictions

Now that we're four chapters in I think it's a fair time to begin theorizing what route the story will take, so let's jump right in. Spoilers... (Obviously)

First - it's obvious that there are various parallels with Jun's other series present in The Case Study of Vanitas. Not only do certain characters share similarities with other characters (i.e. Jeanne-Oz, Luca-Phillipe West, Dante-Elliot Nightray, Riche-Reim Lunettes, Johann-Xerxes Break's/Oz's personality, Amelia Ruth-Sharon Rainsworth) it's also worth noting that the chapter formula is similar, as by this point in both Crimson-Shell and Pandora Hearts had minor character deaths and mislead character deaths (in Crimson-Shell Baines had died and we were lead to believe that Shion Liddel…

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EchoPH EchoPH 8 June 2015

Characters weight guess (with official heights)

Oz - 164cm x 53kg Alice - 150cm x 45kg Gilbert - 182cm x 71.5kg Break - 177.5cm x 64kg Sharon - 157cm x 46kg Vincent - 177cm x 69kg Echo/Noise - 170cm x 54kg /!\More to come/!\

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EchoPH EchoPH 8 June 2015

Echo/Noise fanclub!!

Hii! I am creating a fanclub for Echo/Noise on this blog. To join the fanclub, I need at least a reason why you want to join. Note:You must be a logged user and NOT an ANON because IP addresses change.


Age:15 (Echo (self-proclaimed),Noise (physical)) 131 (Noise, actual) Height:170cm or 5'7" Blood Type:AB Birthday:June 25th Zodiac sign:Cancer

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 17 April 2015

Getting things back in order

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been actively updating as much as I probably should be now that Pandora Hearts is pretty much completely wrapped up (just waiting on the guidebook release for additional content), however I'm in the middle of doing my finals for University - so I can't be active until after they're done. I move back home on April 25th, so from then on there I can start up filling in the blanks on the wiki - which is actually rather preferable given that I will have access to my volumes 1-21 rather than just the 22nd one I have with me right now, as it's better to use them as a direct reference. Sorry but I foresee things being in a kind of limbo until then, but it's only another week and then school doesn't start again for 4 …

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Agiel-chan Agiel-chan 16 April 2015


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Lovelly21 Lovelly21 18 March 2015

Alice allusions

The way Jack leads Oz into the Abyss by luring him with the pocket watch - White rabbit?

The way the Abyss is a watery place could reflect the "pool of tears"

Lewis Carroll's poem "All in a golden afternoon" could reflect the words Oz said about a happy, golden moment in time. (During the tea party)

The way Jack kind of worked for Miranda can reflect the White Rabbit's servitude towards the queen of hearts. (And Miranda is a yandere, so queen of hearts= Queen of love??

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EchoPH EchoPH 24 February 2015

OC Shannon Kumogakure profile

Name:Shannon Kumogakure  Age:13-14(later) years old
Birthdate:April 2nd 2002
Power: The sky and celest powers
In love of:Tanuki Hinode
Blood type:AB+
Japanese personality type:Kuudere (at first)/Yandere (true one)

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EchoPH EchoPH 20 February 2015

OC profiles

Hi guys, would you like me to post my OC profiles ? Note:I am currently writing a light novel.

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Lovelly21 Lovelly21 12 February 2015

Don't trust "anonymous comments" coming from me!

There is one anonymous user that has been using my, and maybe other people's accoutns to make comments on the wiki. Now, most of these comments were banal, but this user has shown some trollish behavior on my message wall before, and I would just like to warn everyone that I always log in before I make comments. (And you guys should watch out fro people who post comments in your name)

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EchoPH EchoPH 8 January 2015

After a long absence

Hello! I am back since yesterday. I was absent because I forgot my password. I missed u all but I continued following PH news.

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Lovelly21 Lovelly21 26 November 2014

First Day

Just joined today... I think it was on Break's wiki page, but I noticed a lot of really strange comments.... There's some strange people on the internet!

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 15 November 2014

Retrace C - The End?

So with Retrace C to be released in 3 days in Japan (full spoilers likely out by the 4th day) I want to know what everyone is expecting. Furthermore I want to know what everyone's favorite moments in Pandora Hearts were. Characters, story arcs, development, twists, the works.

Now, the running theory is that Retrace C could very well be the final chapter to Pandora Hearts because it fits with the ongoing significance of the number 100 in the series. However, I'm personally unsure if I buy that completely. There's still just so much to cover, so unless Jun plans on making Retrace C 100 pages long, I think that it won't be the end yet. I'm also rather unsure because of the omake that came with Retrace XCIX: Shade, where the characters were tal…

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 11 October 2014

Theory Time :)

All right, so with only another probable 2 chapters left and the first to be released in a matter of 7 days, I think it's time to theorize how it will all end.

Personally (because I love paradox theories) I think that the past incarnation of Jack can see Oswald, Alice and Cheshire, and that this is the entire reason why Jun has never shown us Jack and Oswald's final confrontation where Oswald is dismembered. I think that rather than Jack being the one to have dismembered Oswald, it was Oz himself in his present incarnation - as this would also explain why Jack didn't remember having murderd Oswald himself. This could very well be a part of Oz's deal with Jack for all we know. 

I'm still going to state that I also believe that Oz is Lacie's C…

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 29 July 2014

Chapter V: The Crossing

Been a while since my last chapter, so here's chapter 5, though I'm not exactly a fan of how it flows. It almost feels like something is missing in-between, so I may re-vamp this chapter later. Introduction of Shion Liddell and a character of my own creation, Lucian, alongside two Chains: Nile Crocodile and Sabor.

Chapter 1: Shattered Glass -

Chapter 2: The New World -

Chapter 3: The Encounter -

Chapter 4: Oraculum -…

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 3 April 2014

Retrace XCIII Predictions

So, now that Oswald, Vincent, Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Ada (and maybe Sharon, Reim, Lottie, Lily and Dug?) are in the past, what does everyone think will happen? Personally, I think we're finally going to find out what happened to Miranda Barma and maybe get a little more depth on Raymond Nightray. We're also maybe going to get the origin story of Emily with Break's unfortunate death, but what about Rufus and Xai?  There's no confirmation for either of their deaths so both of them could also potentially be traveling into the past. And there is also Noise to worry about, who knows where she's gone and what she's planning on doing now. :S

Clearly because of all of this I don't think that Oswald is going to end up in the time that he wanted (whe…

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 20 February 2014

Retrace XCI: Juror Spoilers

All right, so Retrace XCI: Juror had 55 pages to it (53 if you don't include the recap page at the beginnning and the ad at the end). The recap page explained that Pandora Hearts Volume 22 is set to be released on April 26th, 2014 and it is set to have a Special Eddition version released which will include a Drama CD of some sort with it.

Now, with the page still under construction, I'm going to be posting spoilers for Retrace XCI: Juror a head, so if you don't want to be spoiled then turn away while you still have the chance.

  • Apparently, the purpose of the Baskervilles that we have been set up to believe (chosen by the Abyss to protect its power, guard the five Doors to the Abyss and the Chains of the Abyss as well as keep regular citizens …

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 3 January 2014

Chapter IV: Oraculum

It's been a while since my released of Chapter III, so I thought I'd release another Chapter of my fanfiction. For those who don't know, this is a merger of Pandora Hearts and Crimson Shell. This chapter introduces Xeno, as well as a new character I created named Menrva. The other chapters can be found here:

Chapter I: Shattered Glass -

Chapter II: The New World -

Chapter III: The Encounter -

Chapter IV: Oraculum'

My eyes snap open, and I can see the light filter in through the small break be…

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 10 December 2013

Your Thoughts?

Even though the hiatus sucks majorly, it gives us the chance to really think about what is going to happen next.

So, the major confrontation is taking place in Sablier. Right now we have a few groups:

Group 1:

  • Sheryl Rainsworth - Owl
  • Xerxes Break - Mad Hatter
  • Sharon Rainsworth - Equus
  • Reim Lunettes - March Hare (not in use until the Barma Key reforms)
  • Oz the B-Rabbit
  • Alice
  • Gilbert Nightray - Raven

Turner may also tag along, it hasn't been confirmed yet. Also, the valet that carried Sheryl around  the last few chapters (who awkwardly hoped that Rufus never found out about it) may also go, as he was revealed by Reim to be the valet who helped him escape Pandora. This valet was also the valet in Retrace XLVIII: Isla Yura who told Oz and Alice (dressed …

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 5 December 2013


Just so everyone's aware, Jun Mochizuki has posted on her blog that Pandora Hearts will be going on hiatus starting around the January issue (December release of G-Fantasy). However, from what I understand there's no details of when exactly the hiatus will start, so it could mean that there's no December chapter, or that there's no January chapter (though it's more likely that we'll get a December chapter that will end is a HUGE cliffhanger. Also, there's been not details released as to how long the hiatus will be, a month, several months, who knows :S

Anyway, that's all, I know it's disappointing but we'll all have to bear with this hiatus for now :(

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 17 November 2013

Volume 21

All right, so Volume 21's cover has been shown to the world now... I'm kind of sad that it's not Sheryl, but Zwei works out all right too, it's just that since Echo already had Volume 9 I would've rather had Sheryl on this one. Either way, here it is, and if anyone finds a bigger/better image, please just replace mine so we don't have a million copies floating around.

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 7 November 2013

Dukedoms - Elements?

If the Dukedoms were elements, which ones do you think that they would correspond with?

There's the Vessaliuses, the Nightrays, the Rainsworths, the Barmas and the Baskervilles and the elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. I think the Baskervilles would probably be Spirit - because of their role with the Abyss, but what about the others? I want to know what everyone thinks, remember that the Black Winged Chains will also have to correspond somewhat :p

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 27 October 2013

Predictions Anyone? :)

I was thinking recently, about how Celia was mentioned during the Second Coming of Age Ceremony Arc. I found it odd that she was mentioned specifically by name, because with a lot of the Baskervilles that's not something that's very common. I know with the way the sentence was written, Celia's name had to be mentioned, but I still think it could've been avoided somehow, which makes me wonder if she'll show up eventually, or at least have a role expansion. Plus there's the fact that her name's an anagram of Lacie and Alice, which is also suspicious.

Here's what I think is going to happen: the big final battle will happen in Sablier, and a lot of the main characters may end up dying - but I think Oswald will successfully manage to go back in …

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 23 October 2013

Dug's Chain

We know that Dug has some kind of Chain now, as all Baskervilles do, but it still hasn't shown up yet. I'm just wondering what everyone thinks the Chain could be. Personally my guess is Mock Turtle, with it being more of a defensive then offensive Chain. I mean there hasn't been a Chain that's defensive over offensive yet (well apart from March Hare, but he doesn't actually defend, he just tricks people so they'll go away).  I think it'd still be quite massive to fit with Dug's size, but that Jun would use Mock Turtle's shell concept as a sort of shield. I only say this because Dug is very protective of his fellow Baskervilles, and now that we've gotten to see a little more of Dug because of Fang's death (I mean really Fang was always taki…

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Selin Lucy Selin Lucy 10 October 2013

Alice x Oz

In my opinion they are cute couple. I think they're just great together. :3 Does someone ships them?

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CrimsonGaze14 CrimsonGaze14 4 October 2013

New Badges

Hello ^_^ The following are new badges that I created. The format I used in creating these badges is the same as the format Gold Star used since I only copied them and made some revisions. Hope you like them ^_^

  • 1 User Support Badges
  • 2 Character Support Badges
  • 3 Project Involvement Badges
  • 4 Miscellaneous Badges

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CrimsonGaze14 CrimsonGaze14 19 September 2013

My Fan Speculations

Hello everyone ^_^ So these past few days I've been thinking about Pandora Hearts and a lot of weird thoughts hit my mind.

  • I have a very strange feeling that Break is related to Levi. I don't know how that even came to my mind, maybe because of the hair and the similarities in personality? I know that this is kinda unlikely to be real since Break got dragged into the Abyss when the contract with Albus ended, but who knows? Maybe with the help of a mind-wrecking plot twist, this could be real.
  • Something worse is going to happen if Oswald were to change the past. Just like in Break's case, he changed the past, something even worse happened to the Sinclair family.
  • The Abyss lost its former characteristic of being bright/bathed in golden light be…
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MurfyT MurfyT 16 September 2013

Chapter 21 ?

First, sorry for my bad English, I am a german guy....

Well, I saw, that Volume 20 exist al long time after Volume 19, so do anybody know or think, that Volume 21 will exist ?? I ask because I am a great fan (in germany Volume 15 is the latest one) and i'm so tired that only 20 exist... For a long time everybody said, that Volume 20 is the last one, and I'm so happy, that Volume 20 exist... But i wan't to know, if the manga of pandora hearts has endet or not...

PS: (there's also a german Pandora hearts wiki, but i find this one is much nicer ^^)

PPS: The title has to be: "Volume 21", i'm soooo sorry :3

I hope somebody can answere me ^^ :3

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MikanLenny MikanLenny 10 September 2013

Who's your favorite pair?

Who's your favorite pair?

Me : GilxAlice, EchoxOz, ReimxLily, BreakxSharon, and manymore! How about you?

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 10 September 2013

Chapter III: The Encounter

Chapter III: The Encounter

      Eric is peeved as he walks through the halls of Pandora Headquarters. He had been forced to stay late at Pandora in order to finish his report on the Black Rose crossing that he’d had a part in pushing back mere days before. For a short while, Eric even wonders if there’s a real reason for returning home, as in a few short hours, he’ll just have to report back and resume his job as a Pandora member. Eric passes by the library briefly, seeing something out of the corner of his eye as he does so. This makes Eric back-pedal; finding a figure he doesn't recognize standing silently in the middle of Pandora’s library. Eric approaches with caution, attempting to analyze the figure as he approaches, though he can ba…

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 10 September 2013

Chapter II: The New World

Chapter II: The New World

The man stands before me, studying me, before finally exclaiming, “I suppose that you do look sort of like a ‘Claudia’. I, myself, am Wilhelm Vessalius – next in line to inherit the entirety of the Vessalius Dukedom. Now, can you tell me if you remember anything prior to dropping out of that large black door behind you?” Wilhelm extends his hands to help me up as a warmhearted gesture.

“Of course I remember!” I bark, slapping away Wilhelm’s hand. Something about his presentation makes Wilhelm seems like a sham. I don’t trust him.

“Well then, why don’t you share it with me then? You know, tell me a little bit about yourself?” he suggests, smiling wholeheartedly. I just glare at Wilhelm, but in the end I decide that I …

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Leviathan657 Leviathan657 10 September 2013


So with the release of Retrace LXXXVII just another eight days away, I think it's about  time we threw around some speculations. I think the chapter will focus mostly on Sheryl, Sharon and Break considering how the last chapter ended. The chapter ended with Break summoning Mad Hatter and destroying the Baskerville who slapped Sharon, but I actually think that Retrace LXXXVII is going to have Sheryl take over the battle and finally summon Owl in full like everyone's been wanting. I also think that if a big battle is going to break out because of the attempted escape of Break, Sheryl and Sharon, Dug will finally get to summon his Chain - I just hope his Chain isn't weaker like Tove was with Fang.

The reason I think Owl may show up finally is …

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MikanLenny MikanLenny 9 September 2013

Do Break will die?

I'm always thinking will Break die? How with you?

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CrimsonGaze14 CrimsonGaze14 8 September 2013

CG14Project: References

Hello everyone ! ^_^ This blog is addressed to the admins of this wiki, but fellow normal contributors can also read and leave comments ^_^

I've been reading this wiki even before I decided to be a contributor.  So, I noticed that majority of the pages here are well-informed and this wiki contains almost everything one needs to know about the Pandora Hearts series. However, I also noticed that none (or very few, just in case) of the articles here have referenced information.

Now, I don't mean to say that just because it's not referenced it already means that the information we have is not credible. But no matter how much we try to keep or information credible, there are still times that we don't notice some anonymous fans editing articles an…

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CrimsonGaze14 CrimsonGaze14 7 September 2013

Who do you think will be the character on the cover of Volume 21?

I think its Sheryl Rainsworth. How about you?

(And by the way, I'm new here ^_^ Can anyone suggest how can I help? I don't really know where to start since I think the articles here are all well-informed already)

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OzxAlice OzxAlice 29 August 2013

Mysteries are not yet fully unveiled

although it seems Jun Mochizuki has already revealed what happened at the tragedy or sablier, I still don't think she is telling us the WHOLE TRUTH. There are still blind spots in the story, and I think the only way to reveal it is going back to the past itself. Remember how Glen (leo) is planning to gop back in time to kill Lacie so thatthe tragedy shouldn't have happened? I believe that is when all things shall be revealed.

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