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This article is about the character Noise. You may be looking for the chapter 'Noise of Echo' or the chapter 'Echo of Noise'.
No. That woman's light will melt and murder you. No. No...!

—Retrace LXXXIX: Staccato Drop

Noise (ノイズ, Noizu) also known as Zwei (ツヴァイ, Tsuvai) was a recurring antagonist from Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts. A Baskerville, Noise was the illegal contractor of the Chain Duldee. This Chain allowed her to manipulate her targets into obeying her orders. She used this ability to force Gilbert Nightray, the best friend of Oz Vessalius, into assaulting Oz at the Coming of Age Ceremony.

Over a century prior to the events of Pandora Hearts, a Baskerville girl formed a contract with a Chain known as Duldee. This contract was a great trauma to the girl, fracturing her mind and causing her to lose all memories of her past and identity prior to the contract. Upon realizing her contractor would not have the mental capacity to survive in her own body, Duldee created a second personality inside her, which the girl would call Echo. However, the Baskerville Clan would shun her, imprisoning her after discovering she was not the only mind in control of her body. The girl grew to hate herself for her weakness, and would remain alone until her cell was found by a boy named Vincent.

Like the girl, Vincent was considered a pariah among Baskervilles, his red eye branding him an Ill Omen. He would return to visit the girl to discover the specifics of her condition, her power to control others' bodies, and how it did not affect him. Thus, Vincent named the girl Noise, saying the both of them were "anomalies" and thus could feel normal in each other's presence. Noise would grow fiercely protective of Vincent, regarding herself as his older sister. When the Tragedy of Sablier struck, Noise was dragged into Abyss with the other Baskervilles, but would return to Vincent after finding he'd been adopted by the human Nightray family. Noise commanded Echo to serve as Vincent's attendant, allowing her to reside with Nightray despite her Baskerville origins. However, her mental state continued to deteriorate, and her relationship with Vincent soured. She became increasingly obsessed with Vincent as an extension of herself, adopting his mannerisms, allowing him to physically abuse her other personality, and implied to have eventually formed a sexual relationship with him.



Though Noise was mentally at least in her late twenties, she took the appearance of a sixteen year old girl. She had shoulder-length white hair, though this is sometimes colored as blue. Her eyes were blue, and unlike Echo's, they were usually wide open, drawn with multiple circles around the pupil to give a dry-eyed look. She was 160cm (5'3"). Noise's right bangs were pinned together with a red and gold cylindrical hair clip, ending in a golden chain.

Like her colleagues, Noise wore the traditional crimson cloak of the Baskerville Clan, albeit altered for Noise's preference. Noise's cloak had three notable silver buttons along the front, whereas most Baskervilles just keep their cloak tied around their neck. Noise's cloak appears to be oversized. As she nearly always wore the cloak such that her body and face were concealed, it is unclear what (if anything) she usually wore underneath. However, in her final appearances, she wore a simple white chemise with brown boots.

Prior to the Tragedy of Sablier, Noise had long hair and wore a casual dress.

As the two shared a body, she and Echo were identical.


Noise was primarily characterized by exceptional vulnerability regarding her state of mind. It is stated that, were she not to fragment her own mind through the usage of her Chain, she would quickly go insane and perish. She suffered from memory loss, not knowing her identity prior to being named by Vincent, and eventually losing many early memories of him. As a consequence of this, Noise held a great fear and hatred towards herself. Though shown to fear violence and the suffering of others in flashbacks, she begins to lash out and grow openly hostile in her later years, particularly towards her other personalities.

Ep01 - noise mugshot.png

After many years of imprisonment and isolation, aggravated by the nature of her condition, Noise lacked a coherent sense of self. She clung to Vincent, having determined the both of them to be "anomalous," and adopted his speech patterns and mannerisms. Though unconcerned with whom he slept with, she was possessive of his emotional relationships. She believed that, were he to find "light," he would be lost, and Noise would have nothing left.

Despite her possessiveness regarding his romances, Noise ultimately perceived Vincent as a younger brother. As such, her true desire was to protect him. It was her own self-loathing that fueled the violent aspects of her relationship with Vincent. Once she accepted Echo, she gave her blessing to Vincent's relationship with Ada, and said she was glad he found someone he could cry to.

Noise's sadistic smiles in anime

Abilities & Powers

  • Chain: Duldee
    • Noise has an Illegal Contract with the Chain known as Duldee. When a person is targeted by Noise's Chain, a new entity called Duldum is created which takes possession of their body. Duldum is a fragmentation of the person targeted by Duldee, derived from their original personality. This personality then obeys the will of Duldee, allowing Noise to control her targets. There are several conditions to this:
      • Duldum cannot work indefinitely. While the exact duration of Duldee's effects is not specified and is implied to vary, Duldum will eventually pass away within the target's body, releasing them from Noise's control.
      • As Duldum is not an entirely new personality, but a more easily manipulated version of the target's, a portion of the owner's will remains. Twice had Noise lost control of Gilbert Nightray's Duldum, once after the new personality became fixated on Oz's blood and disobeyed Duldee to seek more of it, and once after Oz attempts to force the Duldum to kill him. In addition, Noise implies that Xai Vessalius's Duldum chose to aid Noise rather than harm his daughter.
      • Duldee cannot take control of those who have no will to struggle against her, as in the case of Leo.
      • Duldee cannot take control of Children of Ill Omen, due to their immunity to the powers of Abyss.
    • Duldee's power allowed Noise to create Echoes, a series of split personalities within her own body. This allowed her to escape the harsh conditions of her imprisonment and slow the deterioration of her mind. Over the course of the series, she allows Echo to take control of her body while she is injured, sparing her the pain.
  • Healing: As a Baskerville, Noise's body is saturated with powers from the Abyss and is thereby capable of healing from any wound short of amputation, assuming the attack was not charged by the Chain Killers Mad Hatter or B-Rabbit.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Noise has proven herself to be very skillful when having to fight with her hands; often times using her acrobatic abilities to her advantage. Although Noise herself tries to force others to fight for her, she's still trained to outmaneuver her opponents rather easily using her twin blue-bladed daggers.


Noise's dagger.

Noise has a pair of twin bladed daggers as her main weapons. Her daggers have quite the same designs with Lottie's knife and the same hand grip color (both are golden), but Noise's daggers' designs are wider than Lottie's knife, thus making it more similar to Echo's twin short-bladed swords designs.

Noise defends herself from Gil's gun shot with the strings.


  • "Don't interfere, B-Rabbit! I feel bad for you since you finally got your Contractor." (To Alice )
  • "How mean. Those people were your colleagues too... You've become such a cruel adult, huh? (To Gilbert )
  • "Well then, shall we have a special puppet show performance from Duldum?"
  • "It's a pity, but the curtains shall fall here. It's not the same as the scenario I had written out."

Noise possessing Gil before Oz' Coming of Age Ceremony.


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Noise uses the masculine first person pronoun 僕, something Echo points out as being an attempt to mimic Vincent. During Retrace XCVII: I am, she switched to the gender neutral first person pronoun 私. She is the only female character in Mochizuki's work to use 僕.
    • In Tomo Kimura's original translation, Noise's usage of 僕 led to the mistranslation of her pronouns as "he," which was corrected in the subsequent box set translation. Kimura suggests Noise may be a "male personality." However, Japanese rarely uses gendered third person pronouns, and none are ever used for Noise. The only gendered title to ever be assigned to Noise is おねえさん (onee-san, big sister), a title Noise explicitly identifies herself with.
    • See this blog post for information on the choice to identify Noise as female.
  • Her listed likes are, in order: human suffering and Vincent. Her listed dislike is Gilbert.

Noise's profile from vol. 18.5 ~Evidence~

  • Noise, Echo, Duldee and Duldum are all based on Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There. They are twins with strongly contrasting personalities. "Duldee" is derived from Tweedledee, and "Duldum" is derived from Tweedledum.
  • Additionally, Noise's antagonistic relationship with Gilbert originates from Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, as Gil's Chain, Raven, is based off of the monstrous crow that chased off Tweedledee and Tweedledum as they prepared for battle.
  • Her voice actress, Hirohashi Ryo Hirohashi, is also the same voice actress for a characters in Vanguard Cardfight!! Vanguard : Link Joker as Nagisa Daimonji and Moon Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal as Luna.