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The peace and quiet of daily life... is something that's meant to be broken out of the blue, right?

—Retrace VII: Reunion

Oz was the main protagonist of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts. The oldest child of the Vessalius dukedom and its rightful heir.[1] He was thrown into Abyss,[2] where he created an Illegal Contract with the Alice, a Chain also called the B-Rabbit.[3] Under threat of arrest he joined the government research organization Pandora. A prophecy[2] by the Baskervilles declared him the "key to the Intention of the Abyss,"[4] and Pandora found him to be the reincarnation of its founder, the hero Jack Vessalius.[5] Thus, he was tasked with finding and defeating the reincarnation of Glen Baskerville[5] and aiding Pandora's quest in gaining control of the Intention of Abyss.[6]

He, along with Alice, and his childhood friend Gilbert Nightray, made up the central protagonists of Pandora Hearts.

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Oz was in fact the original B-Rabbit[7], a Chain created by Lacie Baskerville and the Core of the Abyss. His original bodies were two identical toy rabbits, one kept by Lacie, the other by the Core.[8] Following Lacie's death, he became the companion to her daughters, Alice and the Intention of Abyss. One of his bodies was destroyed by Jack Vessalius[8] while the other was made into a Chain.[9] Jack then illegally contracted him to destroy the "chains" separating Abyss and the material world, causing the Tragedy of Sablier.[10] After this failed to drag the world into Abyss, Jack was cursed to age circuitously from his age at the time of the Tragedy, back to a newborn.[11] Alice, Oz's former owner as a stuffed toy, took his power as her own to prevent him from being made to inflict further suffering.[12] As Jack's soul degraded, Oz eventually gained control of his body, though Oz could not remember his true identity or power. Xai Vessalius adopted Oz as a newborn about a century later and raised him as the human Oz Vessalius.[13]


Oz was identical to Jack Vessalius in his teens.[14] As such, he had blond hair and large green eyes, and while he was notably larger than Gilbert Nightray at fourteen,[1] he was remarked as short and frail,[15] coming up only to 164cm (5'5").[16] His hair was short and spiky, shown to be hard to control.[17] He had a cowlick at the front of his head, jokingly compared to a banana. When using the power of the B-Rabbit, his eyes turn red.[18] When drawing him, Jun Mochizuki pays special attention to his smile.[16]

He wore several outfits over the course of the series. For the first few arcs, his default outfit consisted of civilian clothing, chosen to be inconspicuous.[19] He wore a white shirt with a brown vest and a red tie, along with plaid green shorts and brown boots. He eventually[20] switched to an all black outfit, with a long, double breasted coat, black shorts, and black boots. Following the deaths of Noise and Echo, he picked up their red Baskerville cloak and wore it in Echo's honor for the rest of the series.[21]

His true form was not humanoid. Originally, Oz had two bodies, a pair of identical toy rabbits.[8] These rabbits had black fur and red eyes, each wearing a long bow. Following the birth of the Alices, one of these bodies was given an outfit[8] which he would wear when manifesting fully as a Chain.[7] As a Chain, he took the form of a large, somewhat anthropomorphized rabbit with black fur and red eyes. This form was sometimes given more predatory features, such as sharp teeth and a muscular frame. In this form, he wore a red and white checkered coat and wielded a large, red scythe.

Following the hundred year timeskip, Oz reincarnated as a blond, humanoid boy of similar stature and build.[22] He wore a white shirt, a lightly colored button up hoodie, a striped tie, dark shorts, black socks, and black flats. He had the same cowlick as he did possessing a human form in his previous incarnation. His eye color was never shown.


Oz was initially depicted as a heedless, headstrong teenage boy with few reservations[1] or concern for the world around him.[3] Though usually not outright rude, he had a haughty, aggressive speech pattern characteristic of self confident young men.[23] When he met new girls, his first impulse would usually be to flirt,[2] regardless of whether this behavior was appropriate or not.[24] He enjoyed teasing others, particularly his valet Gilbert,[25] and would ignore rules and tradition in favor of acting on his whims.[1] While trapped in Abyss, he was undaunted by the terrors found there, something Alice assumed was a consequence of stupidity.[3]

Oz's charm

However, Oz was deeply sensitive to the emotions of others, his rash behavior a calculated effort to manipulate those around him. Oz was terrified of rejection and thus sought to hide all vulnerabilities, refusing to express his true emotions.[15] He had little fear of danger, having internalized threats as a natural part of his life from a young age.[4] Similarly, he refused to express anguish, even when betrayed, punished, or met with the death of a loved one. He adopted the philosophy of "acceptance," allowing him to easily adapt to new dangers,[4] but rendering him unwilling to resist dire conditions.[26] Though he acknowledged him as talented and studious, Gilbert described Oz as a taut thread on the verge of snapping.[27] Xerxes Break referred to him as "freaky" and "warped" for his behavior,[6] something Oz struggled to deny.[27]

Though never shown to directly harm himself, Oz acknowledged he was suicidal and admitted his ostensible recklessness was a cover up for deliberate attempts to die.[15] His father's open disdain for him[27] and the danger his political position put him in[4] made it difficult for him to acknowledge others' care for him as genuine.[28] Along with numerous[4] suicide[29] attempts,[26] Oz would occasionally[29] exhibit[30] violent[31] outbursts,[32] though he was remarked as seeming unaware of his own actions during and after these episodes.[30] Oz nonetheless cared about the feelings of others, and upon coming to terms with the emotional impact his suicide would have on those who loved him,[15] resolved to work on his suicidal ideation.[28] He subsequently began to open up to others more and set goals for himself, much to the relief of those around him.[30]

Oz was shown to have numerous skills and hobbies,[16] though he was in fact rather naive as a consequence of his sheltered upbringing. He told Echo he had never once seen a festival in person before,[33] and his lack of knowledge of the world causes occasional missteps, such as forgetting to pay a vendor for food he'd received. His sensitivity would nonetheless cause him to appear precocious at times, particularly in his moral development and capacity for empathy, as he would quickly attach great meaning to the lives of even near strangers. As such, he exhibited a nobility and selflessness unusual for his age from when he was very young.

It is eventually revealed that Oz was initially a pair of stuffed rabbits created by Lacie Baskerville as a gift to the Core of Abyss, his existence serving as a link between the two when not allowed to meet. Unable to move or talk, Oz would observe the lives of Lacie and the Core up until the former's death. He then was passed down to Lacie's biological daughters, and was particularly fawned over by the earthly incarnation of Alice. Though he described Alice as "horrible," he loved her deeply, she being the one to give him a name and a sense of self. He was grateful to his creators for allowing him to be a companion to Alice, though he still could not communicate with her, and thus sacrificed his earthly body to deliver Lacie's final message. He would come to regret this, however, for the grief it would cause Alice, and the subsequent violence it would force him to commit.

Overall, Oz was intelligent, manipulative, and at times spiteful and sadistic. Despite this, his ultimate concern is the wellbeing of others, and his attempts at concealing his true nature were all in the hope of relieving others. He at times displayed unusual maturity for his mental age, but was nonetheless childish in his interests and his understanding of romance.

Oz using the power of B-Rabbit

Powers and Abilities

  • Swordfighting: Oz was personally trained in swordfighting by Xerxes Break, as well as receiving some lessons prior to the events of the series, though he had limited actual experience.
  • Violin: Oz was shown playing violin in the final chapter of Pandora Hearts.[22]
  • Various other abilities: As the heir to the most powerful of the Four Dukedoms, Oz was expected to have many skills. These include: drawing, singing, poetry recital, piano, dance, studying horseback riding, mathematical calculation, and proficiency in firearms.[16]


As the contractor of the B-Rabbit, Alice, Oz had limited powers.

  • He could summon Alice to fight for him. In these cases, she would take the form of a large rabbit and attack others with a summoned scythe.[24]
    • As the presence of a Chain in his body was believed to put him under physical strain, Alice's power was nearly always sealed by the Raven.[19] Under these circumstances, Oz could not release Alice's power without first making skin-to-skin contact with the left hand of the Raven's contractor, Gilbert Nightray.[24]

As the B-Rabbit, Oz had several powers.

  • Originally manifested as a Chain in order to destroy the "chains" which distinguish Abyss and the material world,[9] Oz was one of the most, if not the single most destructive Chain to appear in Pandora Hearts.
  • Oz was one of two known Chain Killers, Chains capable of completely destroying other Chains (the other being Mad Hatter).
    • This ability extended to Baskervilles, former humans whose bodies have come to take on the traits of Chains, allowing him to easily kill the normally invulnerable Baskervilles.[34]
      • It is stated in an omake that Oz may have had the power to charge weapons with Chain Killing powers, hence why he was able to scar Gilbert.
  • He was able to manifest a large, red scythe which he could manipulate intuitively.[30]
  • He was able to turn objects to sand by touching or striking them, though it is unclear if there is any limitations on this ability.[31]
  • He was able to summon thick, pointed chains, which could be used as a projectile weapon.[35]
  • Like all Chains, Oz was invulnerable to most physical attacks, though the human body he possessed was not.
  • Over time, Oz's presence in Jack's body caused its physical constitution to morph, their body becoming more Chain-like than human (similar to that of a Baskerville's).[22]
    • This allowed the body he possessed to heal more quickly and withstand further injuries than most humans.[36]
    • It is implied the body he possessed had an increased resistance to physically damaging effects of Abyss, allowing him to warp through time without damage.[37]

Oz holds Jack Vessalius' pocket watch


  • Oz was not shown or implied to regularly carry practical or combat-oriented equipment.
  • He carried a golden pocket watch which he retrieved from Lacie's Tomb at the start of the story. This pocket watch was originally created in collaboration between Jack Vessalius and Glen Baskerville, and would play "Lacie" when opened.[1]


To Alice

  • "Well, I've come across so many oddities that I've gotten used to it. ... Only by accepting all this, can I get a grasp of the situation."
  • "Everything that hurts you, everything that makes you sad, I'll destroy them, all of them!. So that's why please smile, my precious Alice."
  • "No...No! I don't want to kill! I don't want to destroy! Please... help me...Alice!"

To Elliot

  • "I was rejected, never given any expectations. ... Then at least, I won't be a burden to others. It's alright if the only one who's hurt is me...!"

To Rytas

  • "I may carry Jack within me...And I may look like him...but don't get the wrong idea. My name is Oz."

To himself

  • "I'm Oz Vessalius...Alice's contractor...But... As B-Rabbit...I killed everyone...destroyed everything... Did I... Did I.... DID I?!'"


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Oz's Western Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • In earlier versions of Pandora Hearts, Oz was a crossdressing girl who fell in love with the protagonist, an early draft of Gilbert Nightray. As the story and their characters developed, Oz became male and took Gilbert's place as the protagonist.
  • In the pilot version of Pandora Hearts, Ada and Alice were not two distinct characters. As such, Alice was originally Oz's younger sister by blood.
  • His likes are, in order, girls (especially younger ones), sweets, and black tea. He has no particular dislikes.
  • Oz's character song is called "Swear to..."
  • Oz's theme from the anime is called "Will."

Oz's profile from vol. 18.5 ~Evidence~

  • There is considerable evidence to suggest that Oz was a Child of Ill Omen, though this is unconfirmed.
    • In Oz's true form, he has red eyes, which manifest in Jack's body when he is using his powers as the B-Rabbit. This is specifically noticed and acknowledged by Vincent, with astonishment.[18]
    • When viewing a memory from the Tragedy of Sablier, Oz is referred to as "禍々しい子供", magamagashii kodomo. The word "magamagashii" is derived from the same character "maga" as "magatsumi," in "magatsumi no ko." Tomo Kimura's translation renders both as "Child of Ill Omen."[38]
    • Break notes that his and Vincent's ability to notice and enter the Jury's dimension is likely due to their being Children of Ill Omen. Oz also notices the Jury's dimension, his eyes turning red as he does.[39]
    • Chain Killers function very similarly to Children of Ill Omen, both being entities which nullify entities and effects originating from Abyss. Both are regarded as anomalous, heretical existences. The only other known Chain Killer is the Mad Hatter, contracted by the Child of Ill Omen Xerxes Break.


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