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Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 2 is the second novel to feature alongside the manga series and is written by Shinobu Wakamiya and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki.

Novel Cover

The cover features characters Elliot Nightray holding a menu while sitting in a fancy armchair, and his valet, Leo, holding books that seem to be falling from the sky and in sitting within a glass cage. They are surrounded by yellow candy drops in the background and several other books that are about the hit the floor.

Publisher's Summary

Gaze down into the sunny garden from the veranda. There, children run to and fro, full of life. Two cats chase after them. The sight calls to mind a single thought: They seem to be racing each other. A caucus race. A race with no end. If only this charming sight could continue on tomorrow and ever after...

Drawn up from the world of PandoraHearts, these enchanting fairy tales illustrated by Jun Mochizuki throw open the doors of the four great dukedoms once more..

Chapter List

The Story of the Mutuality: Blue Rose

Oz is lying on the ground, thinking of what Jack had told him earlier, how everything he cherished and wanted to protect was fake (see Broken Rabbit). Oz questions whether this is all just a nightmare before assuring himself that it is. The rain was falling over Oz as if it was meant to wash away all of his worries, Oz then wonders if a soul like his, a fake soul, could become dripping wet and cold.

Gil is crying as Oz recalls his past. Gil calls out for Oz, calling him master. Oz asks Gil what the problem was and Gil explains that he had a dream that Oz was no where to be found, and when Gil really woke up, Oz wasn't in his room. Gil trembles and cries, even though Oz asks him not to. Oz then thinks of how ever since Gil had become his servant, he had always been afraid of something. Oz tells Gil that there was no helping it before grabbing his hand and telling Gil to come with him. Gil asks where they were going this late at night, and Oz states that they were going to Oscar's room.
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The Story of the Family: Hello Baby

Gil is trying to explain to Alice how having a baby works. He says that it is not an easy process as he'd heard once that a dragon descends from the sky and delivers babies to those who have been chosen (the image Gil brings to mind is of Oswald riding on Jabberwock's back throwing babies into the air).

Alice gathers that if the dragon is pleased with you, then you'd get a baby, and so she asks Gil how to make this happen. Gil explains that the dragon doesn't like violence, so she wouldn't be allowed to kick Oz anymore. The dragon also disliked people who didn't eat their vegetables and that he also wouldn't visit people with a 'sharp tongue', meaning that she couldn't call him Seaweed-Head anymore.
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The Story of Brothers: Lucky Day

Echo thought of how surprised she was by her master's honesty and the kind of action that he'd taken, not to mention that it was the first time that Echo had seen Vincent curled up on the ground as he was.

Echo laughed lightly, an act which took Vincent by surprise. Vincent asked Echo whether she had just laughed and Echo, stunned, shook her head whilst denying that she had. Vincent inquired further, trying to find out if he was mistaken. Echo was steadfast and insisted that she hadn't. Vincent was still suspicious but accepted this since he wasn't getting anywhere with this conversation.
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The Story of Friendship: Cradle Song

Sharon wakes up to find Break sleeping beside her. She becomes hysterical, asking why Break was in her room and in her bed. She remembers not being able to fall asleep last night, so Break had visited her room, and then what? Sharon's heart beats rapidly, Break groans and moves around in the bed. Sharon notes how long it had been since she'd seen Break's 'sleeping face', noticing how surprisingly long Break's eyelashes were. Sharon then questions what she was doing as she mustn't do anything inappropriate, like attacking him, while he slept. Sharon reaches for Break's eyelashes before gazing and stopping herself. She questions whether or not she was thinking about it too much, deciding that she'd just touch his eyelashes. Sharon then realizes that if she does that he'll wake up right away and with probably tease her or something, calling her a pervert.
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Other Chapters

  • The Story of Master and His Servant: Unbalanced Flower
  • The Story of Clairvoyance: Epilogue Tale



  • The announcement of the second Caucus Race novel was released with Retrace LXX: Oz.
  • Apart from the Epilogue Tale, all the stories of Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 2 appear to take place shortly after the Lutwidge arc and not long before the Sablier arc.