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No, you fool!! It is!! A duty!! I should fulfill as your friend!

—Retrace XLIII: Crown of Clown

Reim Lunettes (レイム=ルネット, Reimu Runetto) was a supporting protagonist of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts. Though a servant of the Barma Dukedom, the Duke's close connection to the Rainsworth Duchess meant he had been familiar with those of the Rainsworth Dukedom from an early age. Thus, he was the longtime friend of both Sharon Rainsworth and Xerxes Break. While still loyal to the enigmatic Barma Dukedom, he was one of Pandora's most diligent members, and frequently assisted Oz and his friends in their journey.

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Though his family had served the Barma Dukedom and Pandora for several generations, they had no special history otherwise. Reim began work as Rufus Barma's servant at a very young age. One command resulted in his residency at the Rainsworth household for two years, during which he would meet Sharon Rainsworth, his eventual wife. He and Sharon discovered a wounded man outside the Rainsworth Door to Abyss about fifteen years prior to Oz's return from Abyss. This man called himself Xerxes Break, and while he was initially hostile to the both Sharon and Reim, he eventually warmed up to them. Sharon and her family would acknowledge Break as her older brother, despite their lack of blood relation. Meanwhile, Reim and Break would become close friends until Break's death.


Reim was a tall (186 cm/6'1"), pale skinned man of average build. His face is round, with brown, thin-lashed, almond shaped eyes, small eyebrows, and short, brown hair. While having a full head of hair, it is cut quite short, not extending past his ears, while his bangs are cut nearly to his hairline. He and his grandfather, Callum Lunettes, are the only Pandora Hearts characters to wear glasses. In most appearances, he wears two hanging earrings.

His outfits change several times over the course of the series. In most of his appearances, his outfits appear to resemble the clothing styles of "that country." On other occasions, he will wear the Pandora uniform, or a standard black suit with a white shirt.


Reim is an honest and trustworthy Pandora agent and is a friend to many fellow contractors, including Break and Sharon. He is very hardworking and is very loyal to Pandora. He's a big perfectionist and is in constant stress (sometimes even so much that he slams up doors, which unfortunately 90% of the time hits someone), mostly for having to do Break's work. He's often seen taking off his glasses and cleaning them when speaking to someone which shows that he may be a bit shy.

Reim also appears as a polite; semi-formal man and quite calm, but when he trapped in strain moment like when Oz and Alice in her B-Rabbit form suddenly arrival at Pandora's meeting, presumably he is easily controlled by his panicking. But his panic also quickly abates and he is calm again, when he meets someone who is calmer; as seen when he is calmed down by Break after that the last Child of Ill Omen out of Cheshire's Dimension.

Reim's perfectionist often clash with Break's odd

His perfectionist side also makes himself sometimes less comfortable aside Break, who is more carefree and eccentric; he has his own way to solve a certain problem. But outside Break's extreme eccentric manner, Reim still trusts him and considers him as a good friend. In addition, Reim's bizarre friendship with Break also made him try to protect Break from his master attack; although as a replacement, Rufus wounds Reim.

Whenever Reim becomes angry or irritate because of seeing his friend wounded by an enemy, he can change to be more ruthless and try to hit the enemy back; as seen when Reim tries to kill Lily.

Anyway, Reim's mannerism is somewhat like Fang.

Abilities & Powers


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Reim had a gun as his main weapon and is skilled in using it whenever.

Other Abilities

  • Exceptionally cunning and loyal.
  • Reim has good-talking ability when explaining something to other Pandora members in a confused event or stressful situation, he also has good ability in reassure the opponent feeling or thinking in do something, and made himself as a spokesman of Pandora.
  • Installing funny facial expressions. Along the series, especially in anime, Reim becomes the most frequent character to pull funny facial expressions.


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


Reim's profile from vol. 18.5 ~Evidence~

  • Reim's zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • His likes are, in order: his job, reading, an orderly lifestyle, and clean glasses. He dislikes unforeseen circumstances.
  • "Lunettes" is the French word for glasses.
  • Due to his looking rather androgynous in his early appearances and his use of the gender neutral pronoun 私, some Japanese fans had confused him for a woman prior to the anime release. His later appearances are far more definitively masculine.
  • Reim can hold his alcohol well; apparently being able to drink more than anyone else in Pandora. As a result, Reim is often left to clean up after everyone else when they get drunk; sometimes even exploiting the situation to gain information.
  • Despite being someone who tries to avoid confrontations, Reim is one of very few people who is actually able to attack Break and successfully make contact.
  • In an omake, it is said that Reim really loves sweets.


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