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The Case Study of Vanitas is the third main series by mangaka Jun Mochizuki following her completion of both Crimson-Shell and Pandora Hearts. The series launched on December 22nd 2015 and is being published monthly in Gangan Joker magazine. Yen Press publishes the official English localization, translated by Taylor Engel. In Japanese, it is marketed as part of the "shounen" demographic. In English, it is marketed as "older teen."

On March 28, 2021, Studio BONES announced that an anime was in production and it started airing the summer of 2021.


Centuries prior to the French Revolution, a scientist named Paracelsus created the "World Formula" theory, a theory which posited that the world was governed by mathematical formulas whose variables could be identified and altered. In an event known as Babel, he attempted to change these variables to eliminate disasters such as disease. Instead, he caused numerous calamities and brought about the existence of entities called "vampires." Deemed abominations before God, a race war ensued. Though humans failed to entirely wipe out vampires, their existences were hidden, causing vampires to be declared extralegal entities who could be executed for revealing themselves.

Noé Archiviste, a young vampire living in late 19th century France, is sent by his Teacher to Paris to find the Book of Vanitas and discover its true nature. Supposedly, the Book of Vanitas is a cursed grimoire created by the Vampire of the Blue Moon from which the incurable disease Malnomen originates. Noé finds the Book on his way to Paris when a man calling himself Vanitas cures a case of Malnomen before his eyes. Vanitas claims to be a completely normal human man who simply happens to have inherited the Book, and claims it is his intention to save the vampire race by any means possible.

The story is Noé's memoirs on how he would eventually kill Vanitas.



Though referred to as "vampires," the vampire race within The Case Study of Vanitas are distinct from mythical vampires, and were in fact named after them for having certain similarities. The main distinguishing feature between vampires and humans is the ability of vampires to see and interact with the World Formula, allowing them certain superhuman abilities. Unlike mythical vampires, vampires within The Case Study of Vanitas do not have to drink blood or harm others to survive, and the vast majority go their entire lives without harming humans. While most (but not all) vampires do enjoy the taste of blood, it is not a biological need, and is compared to alcohol, smoking, or sex. Compulsive blood drinking only occurs in the case of blood addiction or Malnomen.

Most vampires are born under the Crimson Moon, and have a natural fear of the Blue Moon. Those who are born under the blue moon, as in the case of Vanitas of the Blue Moon, are scorned and ostracized.

The Book of Vanitas

A cursed grimoire supposedly passed on to Vanitas by Vanitas of the Blue Moon themself. It is the originator of the disease Malnomen, created in revenge against vampires for their prosecution of those born under the Blue Moon. The human Vanitas now has the Book of Vanitas within his possession and is the only person capable of using it. However, contrary to the Book's original purpose, Vanitas uses it to cure cases of Malnomen and desires to save the vampire race.


A disease created by Vanitas of the Blue Moon. It attacks the True Name of vampires, causing their bodies and souls to warp. Those infected with Malnomen, usually called curse bearers, gradually grow insane and begin to obsessively search for blood, escalating until they assault and even kill others without hesitation. In addition, their bodies will corrupt, though the onset of physical symptoms appear to happen rapidly in the final stages of the disease. Once warping of the body occurs, the curse bearer will continue to attack others until it dies. Until very recently, there was no possible way to cure those infected with Malnomen, and thus all curse bearers would be sentenced to execution by decapitation once their condition was discovered. The human Vanitas reverse engineers the different forms of Malnomen to find and restore the curse bearer's True Name, curing them.



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  • Vanitas first appeared in the final Pandora Hearts artbook There is., shown waving to the main cast of Pandora Hearts as he passed by alongside Noé with his back turned so that he remained unidentifiable at the time.