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The Case Study of Vanitas 9 is the nineth volume of Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas.

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Front Cover[]

The central character is Mikhail, who is standing with his back facing front, but is turned around to grin ominously forwards. Behind him, that which is he facing, is a gilded portrait which is bound tightly by golden chains, which he grasps at with his right still flesh hand. The sides of the portrait are decorated with images of butterflies whose wings are tattered, and running down the sides of the portrait are large pins sticking into the butterfly images. Framed within the portrait is Vanitas, completely blue in color, lying upside-down and unconscious. Blue butterflies flutter over his prone form, and to his left side a glowing red butterfly hovers. Outlines of golden gears can be seen in the background.

Publisher's Summary[]

Since that fateful day when Vanitas crashed into Noé’s life, the two have been inseparable for better or worse, which makes the Vampire the perfect puppet for Mikhail’s schemes. With Dominique’s life on the line, Noé will have to unveil the memories Vanitas is so desperate to keep hidden—no matter what it takes!

Inner Cover[]

VnC Vol 9 Inner Cover

Vanitas and Noé stand side-by-side with their backs to the front, both facing the wall behind. A light is cast over their forms from in front but is cut off by a sharp shadow, tilted slightly diagonally and shrouding the top halves of their bodies in dark shadow. The wall they are facing is lit in an identical manner but inverted, the top half bright and the bottom half shrouded. Noé stands on the left, his right arm is slightly lifting upwards, towards Vanitas's direction, palm open and turned downwards. His left arm is down by his side, his left hand gloveless. Vanitas stands on the right, his coat hanging very loosely, almost falling off his shoulders, and his right hand is placed on the portrait right in front of his face.

The wall they are both facing is covered in portraits of many different shapes and sizes, all of them holding images of events already passed, memories both shared and private to each of them, all colored purple-magenta and white. The portraits seen are of the following: Vanitas and Noé's first meeting; La Baleine; a plate of tarte tatin; Vanitas and Noé sitting back-to-back after their adventure through the catacombs; the broken Alteration Device sitting amidst a gentle snowfall of flower petals; the Beast of Gévaudan; Vanitas's hand clasped around Noé's wrist; a child Noé smiling while on either side of him Dominique and Louis as children both stand with their backs turned.

On the left, partially covered by Noé's head, is his and Vanitas's conversation under the starlit night, and to Noé's left half cut-off from view is the merry-go-round from the amusement park. On the right, covered almost entirely by Vanitas's head, are himself, Luna, and Mikhail together under the moon. High above with the top half cut off from view is Vanitas dressed as a Chasseur, though this image is scribbled out. There is another portrait to Vanitas's right, but it is completely cut off from view and not a single detail can be discerned aside from the fact that it is present.

On the wall before them, behind Vanitas and Noé and all the portraits they face, is an image of balsam impatiens flowers, also known as touch-me-nots.[1] They can symbolize a number of different meanings; impatience, ardent love, don't touch me, or nostalgia for the past.

Table of Contents[]

VnC Vol 9 ToC

Mémoire 47: Hétérogène — Sneering Laughter
Mémoire 48: Rencontre — Blue Night
Mémoire 49: Douleur — Kind Child
Mémoire 50: Petrichor — The Thread that Reels in The Past
Mémoire 51: Tempest — A Silent Scream
Entracte: Jours Bruyants — Tales of Lost Children


Roland after Mikhail disappears

VnC Vol 9 Omake 1

Immediately after being dragged away back to the infirmary, Roland is racing back through the corridors in the Catacombs desperately looking for Mikhail, despite his comrade Rinaldo pointing out with concern his still fresh wounds. In response to Roland's worries, Rinaldo reasons that the child had gotten fed up with the Catholic Church and ran away, citing that Roland himself agreed the boy unfit for being a Chasseur. Roland tries to argue but his wounds throb painfully and he falls to his knees. Rinaldo watches him quietly and recalls that Roland had gotten hurt while protecting Olivier. While sitting by Roland's bedside as he recovered, Olivier threatened to leave the Church if he hadn't woken up, Rinaldo tells him. Roland is surprised by this. Rinaldo advises Roland to consider himself and his own safety before worrying about protecting others. Roland looks down, eyes conflicted and guilty. Rinaldo tells him to forget about the child. The doll Mikhail had been holding lies abandoned on the ground.

I'm Trending!! Marquis Machina's Hot Picks!! Episode 9

VnC Vol 9 Omake 2

"I'm Trending!! Marquis Machina's Hot Picks!!" is a series by the titular man in question in which he makes a list based off nothing but his own arbitrary moods and biases about a variety of topics that currently have his attention. The current one, episode 9, lists Machina's current favorite content creators who stream and post videos to video sharing platform YouTube—all of whom are major, minor, and supporting characters from the main story, placed in a modern day setting with social media.

The first is game commentary channel "V"—Vanitas—with 1.9 million subscribers. That number is increasing exponentially day by day as his popularity grows. He plays a variety of video games, being particularly skilled in first-person shooters, but much less so with dating sims. A legendary moment of his career is his playthrough of "Romance is a✰LOVE MISSION" in which no matter his efforts he could not escape the secret route for the Sasaki character. His skills are exceptional and allow him to get out of tight spots with zero issue, but his reactions to surprises are exaggerated and comical which is particularly beloved by his fans. Right after his beautiful and distinct voice. The second is walking tour channel "Noé" with 1.8 million subscribers. The titular host of the channel will take walks around Paris and invariably get lost without realizing due to how distractable and taken he is by everything around him. He's only ever successfully arrived at his planned location once, but he always finds fun and interesting distractions when he gets sidetracked. His audience is charmed by his innocent, child-like demeanor and tendency to mistake inanimate objects for cats. A staple of every video is his roommate, referred to as the "guardian," coming to retrieve the lost Noé and bring him home. Due to their similar voices, there is speculation online that Noé's "guardian" and YouTuber V are the same person.

VnC Vol 9 Omake 2

Third is foodie channel "Princess & Knights" with 1.2 million subscribers. The princess Jeanne is spoiled lovingly by her two knights Dominique and Luca who indulge in her love of eating by providing her with meals. Anything from convenience store snacks to multiple course served at gourmet restaurants, the princess is guaranteed to clean every plate. Some speculate the princess to secretly be a boy due to how masculinely she acts. Fourth is indulgences channel "C'est La Vie" with 2 million subscribers. Olivier, known as Lord C'est, will showcase luxurious and expensive indulgences such as wines, colognes, and his own handsome beauty. Occasionally his livestreams will be interrupted by a loud and boisterous childhood friend, which will cause Olivier to go on a rant so ruthless and cutting his fans have dubbed it "Dark Lord C'est." Fifth is exercise channel "ROLAND!!!!" with 1.1 million subscribers. This is hosted by Lord C'est's interrupting childhood friend, wherein he makes strength training videos for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. He is known for being unbelievably loud every time he speaks. Occasionally a young work colleague of his (Astolfo) will barge in with a strength challenge, and inevitably end up losing. Sixth is a variety channel boasting to do anything named "Dankin" with 1 million subscribers. Dante, Johann, and Riche will quite literally do anything, such as doing makeup challenges with Dante as the muse, and maintain an impressive once-every-day upload. They are also friends with fellow YouTubers V and Noé and thus help edit videos for the pair.

Extra Pages[]

Additional Content[]

Author's Note[]

VnC Vol 9 author's note
Although the Volume 9 is thinner than usual, it is still a little thicker than an average volume. Please don't be fooled by the previous thicknesses. The diet was a success!*

*Unofficial translation

Bonus Content[]


  • Mochizuki has confirmed the flowers drawn on the inner cover to be Impatiens, as well as the way in which she drew the portraits in chronological order from the upper right downwards.[2]
    • Upon the slightest touch, the Impatiens — also known as Touch-Me-Not — will “explode” its mature seed capsules and send seeds flying through the air.
  • In the cover omake "I'm Trending!! Marquis Machina's Hot Picks!!" Vanitas and Noé have matching YouTuber profile pictures. It has been confirmed by Mochizuki that Vanitas's, a doodle of a cat so crudely drawn that a few small sections are unpainted due to poor use of the bucket paint tool, was drawn by Noé. Meanwhile, Noé's, a charming photo of Murr, was taken by Vanitas.[3]
  • Volume 9 is the only volume so far that does not feature an official English translation for the author's note, therefore it was freely translated for this Wiki.



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